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I have had many requests for sequential and subject oriented collections of our films and now I have started to put them together for you. At the moment they can only be purchased from the suppliers below but you will be able to look at good length free clips before you buy.

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A painful bet THE FULL FILM Two versions available Comp-87 is the normal full edit. Comp-87F also shows the face reaction shots.

Posh private academy girls Jess & Tindra have taken bets from their school mates that they will be the very first girls in the school to be caned. They are set to make quite a lot of money from this bet. In order to get caned they committed acts of vandalism at the school that left everyone shocked. They are very disturbed to find that the headmistress has called in a teacher from another school to administer the caning. This lady has a fearsome reputation and the girls are in no doubt that this will be a caning to end all canings. This is the first part of a this amazing film which will see the girls take a total of 48 hard cane strokes plus a terrible hand tawsing

Paddled and caned at Unladylike Manor

We now have a whole range of our unladylike Manor films available as DVD's or as downloads from our clips sites.
In this episode, Sarah is the confessor and she punishes the girls from the village. Sins are whispered, the paddle and the cane are put to good use as the girls have to suffer

Our sexy maid is caned
The Sexy maid is caned, a prospective customer of the Sexy Cleaning Company is interested in new girl Tindra Frost and has asked that we make a video of her being caned to see if she will be suitable for his requirements. She is to be naked for the caning and she agrees to take it. She bends over and we see every stroke hit home onto her pert tight bottom, a real caning delight
The Journey
Most acclaimed  CP film of its time follows Mary on her journey into pain. This script was written by her and for her and we know you will enjoy the experience. 68 Mins of the best CP action. This is a dark story about a cheating wife and her descent into a kind of hell. She will suffer pain and humiliation at her husband’s hands and the hands of others. This first part tells the story of her remorse at being caught out, the punishment decided upon and administered by her husband comes hard and fast and without mercy. BE WARNED this story goes to new places we think you will love it . Suzanne has a visit from the Disciplinarian, she does not know what to expect but fears the very worst, The beatings start, a wooden paddle, a leather strap, a multi stranded whip and a huge leather paddle that rocks her whole body with pain.  She is to take at least 30 strokes of the cane, each stroke to be delivered full force and deliberately designed to show her husband’s displeasure. Suzanne has come to a sort of realization, she needs to be punished, this maybe the reason for her bad behavior, she craves the pain and the humiliation she knows will come with the punishment. She contacts The Disciplinarian and asks that he call round. Once together she describes the type of punishment and discipline she needs. What happens next is more than she ever wanted
Comp-45 Beautiful Kiki
Kiki has to be one of the most beautiful and versatile young ladies we have ever filmed. A well-known glamour model no one would believe she would let us spank her. She did more, we spanked, paddled and caned her and she enjoyed every second of the filming. Luckily we managed to get quite a bit of footage before she moved on and we are showing you the best. In this first collection you see her first interview and spanking and paddling, you will see her role playing as a naughty girl in a hay barn who gets her bottom paddled over her tight shorts and bare. You will see her playing with herself and then self spanking with a leather paddle, you see her playing the part of a naughty schoolgirl in hospital where she is spanked and paddled.
Last on this film she takes her first really hard caning.
Comp-08 St. Justs Academy
Lucy has a new teacher at St. Justs academy and she is not getting on too well with him.
Lucy soon finds herself face down over his knee, her bare bottom being well spanked.Lucy has to stand and stretch out her arm as both her hands are given a thorough strapping, her fingers feel the full force of the strap. Next she is bent over the punishment chair as the large leather paddle turns her tender young bottom bright red. On a 'no uniform' day she decides to come dressed as a French maid and to seduce her teacher. He grabs her and throws her over his desk and produces a wooden spanking paddle and beats her bottom with this and a variety of the school punishment instruments. Matron takes it upon herself to administer her own kind of punishment onto the bare bottom of naughty Lucy. Bent over the vaulting horse legs spread and bottom raised she takes first a good stinging spanking and then a real hard dose of the leather slipper. After being suspended because of the allegations of seducing Lucy The new teacher is reinstated and is invited by Matron to join her in what she hopes will be the most painful and final punishment for this naughty girl. She is spanked and paddled and then the teacher takes his belt to her for a real hard thrashing. Not yet finished he takes the long whippy cane to her bottom for a lesson she will never forget
Schoolgirl gets the paddle
Emily Jane is back in detention class, her previous spanking it seems did no good at all, this is very often the way. The headmaster, a kindly soul decides that he is going to have to introduce the school paddle to her bare bottom particularly so when she canít find her way around an atlas of the world. This is a good hard leathering she gets and she has a red and painful bottom.